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By building on these foundations, a potential client can acquire a strong eCommerce strategic arm and web company for handling the online consumer and markets demands. Lets go through a few them.

Selling from the start

The User Interface

• Content incorporating latest technologies, easily maintained with adaptable administrative tools
• Chronological shopping procedures with options of incorporating multiple promotions
• Website will incorporate features to allow it being located with or without the www. local sales channels

It shall also be an insightful experience for any type of User visiting the site. This experience can then be transferred to others by way of incorporating systems such as Facebook.

• Easily maintained
• Analysis of user interactions
• Establishing security privileges

• Methods of increasing your business activity

Attract, Engage and Convert. It’s all in the e-mix

Selling on your website

Our digital agency understands that your selling process should absolutely be non - linear. Throughout the whole purchasing process, the User should be allowed to view the product. This is considered the highest factor for the buying decision. The continuous viewing will re-affirm their decision.

Though the above seems correct, not all viewers are buyers and to address this, we have features in place that would make it quick and easy for the User to “carry on where they have left off”. They will be able to quickly retrieve all data of what they had been doing on their last visits. All of this is also placed into our products as standard.

The above mentioned can be considered a win-win situation as the user will not have to start over every time they visit the website, hence making it easier to access and on the otherside, it will encourage additional purchasing of products due to its ease adding to the profits of your business. Consequently this will aid Marketing by having the User share their good experiences with others.

As with any selling techniques, one of the fundamental elements to ensuring success is having a Selling Assistant. In the virtual world, their attributes can be transferred into features on the website. For instance, when the User is browsing a particular product, the Application can make alternative recommendations based on it. Alternatively they can suggest who the best sellers are, and to facilitate purchasing, highlight any promotions such as delivery offers. All in all, a satisfactory experience.

Another selling tool is trend setting. When anyone buys certain products, they will inevitably find many others who would also have similar tastes. Our products have the ability to take this information so that when a User of similar tastes visits the site, they will immediately be notified of the other Users purchases. This subtle suggesting would save considerable time for all while ensuring discretion further adding to your growth.

Upgrades and Protections

Intelligent features to assess the possibility of threats by Users

All these features are incorporated into our Applications as standard.

Any Business understands that no matter how perfect a system is developed, over time it will need to be upgraded for any number of reasons. From the experiences Mac Expo has managed, there is a diverse range of solutions on offer for any issues that could arise from upgrading your systems. Keeping in mind the significance of your business, the process will be undertaken in the shortest time possible but the beneficial outcome will be felt immediately.

Thus, our experiences have enabled Mac Expo to develop a procedure for carrying out all upgrades successfully.

Special Offers

The technologies incorporated into our products have the ability of providing non evasive attention to the User, when any offers are being promoted by the company. One of the reasons for doing this is most Users focus on individual products. For example they are only looking for a book and wouldn’t even consider browsing the other products that are also being sold. By having a promotion that is tied into other products, it will draw the User to them with the intention of increasing your revenue by indirect means.

Special Offers work great for the sales outlook of your company. While it will provide sense of loyalty reward in existing customers, potential customers are attracted to the site because they feel it is offering something that other competitors are not.

The restrictions on the offers are only restrained by the Organisation. The systems will allow considerable types of promotions to be set on the site, and anything that cannot be done would be created by us for you so that all your business needs are looked after.

Professional Opinion

As idealistic as it sounds to have reassurances from other Users, sometimes people would still like the advice of Specialists that know how to comment on a product. The information they convey is very specific and Users can direct their attention to information that is only of interest to them, helping further to reduce the decision time in purchasing a product.

By working in conjunction with a Reviewer website, Users can easily be directed to a product’s Reviewer website – to the page that has the review of the product. By easily switching between the two, Users can now be even more assured that they are making the right decision.

GEO Targeting

When a User arrives at an Ecommerce website, most do so with the intention of already knowing what they are looking for. What then determines the success of the site is how quickly they can convert the User expectations into arriving at the products.

According to the experience of Mac Expo, the quickest way of achieving this is by having a search bar. Here, the User can type in what they are looking for, and then quickly be directed to it. With all the latest advancements in this technology such as ‘Auto Complete’ or ‘Word prediction’ as it is known, Mac Expo can ensure that customers would not be put off from the site by way of errors. The search bar will also embed many other algorithms such as using other product details that would help associate it; offer suggestions if the User has incorrectly spelt and the likes of such.

As well as the search bar, all products will also incorporate standard navigation elements. However, the addition to this will be the ability to offer suggestions based on either past experiences, or what other Users have viewed based on all similar criteria.

Why you should consider our Digital Agency?

The products Mac Expo produce can be designed exactly to the Customers’ requirements. Our digital agency understands the need for emphasising and differentiating your business from the others and we highly value the tailor made solutions making sure all that is applied enables profit maximisation and customer satisfaction for you. However, once this is met, it does not mean the product will be allowed to go stale. Features will allow it to be modified as much as the Customers needs.

The products are also advanced in that they incorporate the latest web technology trends. The customers will have the impression of purchasing a product customised for their individual needs. What will compound this is not simply being left alone once the product is purchased. Making sure our customers and clients stay with us for a long period of time, we will stay as long as you feel good with how the product is operating. This extends further by having easy access to our customer services. We will endeavour to respond to any possible questions, suggestions and queries at the earliest.

Our products are subjected to external Auditors PCI DSS. You don’t have to only take our word in trying to convince you of our Security. All the prices stated will be clearly defined with no additional small print.

For more information on how we can help you with your project, or talk about another website design company or to find out more on Ecommerce solutions you can contact us by email alternatively telephone 0845 121 211

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