ACCL: Expert Security Installers & CCTV Installation Company

ACCL is a privately owned company with decades and decades of experience within the cabling service sector. With main offices in London, Kent and Surrey their roles for their clients is to consult, design and implement core and secure cabling infrastructures that drive business performance.

What we did:

  • Scaled the brand from £2K to £30K in 3 months
  • 150% increase in overall site revenue
  • Consistent 30% rise in traffic for 6 months


The main challenge and solution

ACCL were already very prominent within the cabling services industry but wanted to grow their security system services such as secure IP Wireless CCTV systems.

Unlike many other companies within this sector, ACCL offers business owners and even homeowners a more secure service than just buying your average CCTV system online.

This is because they take care of everything from the initial consultation on placement to installing cameras and secure locking systems that are properly positioned to comply with GDPR.

When they joined our company, they were currently struggling with increasing their presence and visibility for organic search terms like “CCTV installation.” Within a few months of creating content and improving the landing page for Wireless CCTV installation we were able to double their traffic and increase their SERP rankings.

Other goals included:

  • Building up a newsletter subscriber base: We increased their subscribers from 0 to 1,000 by implementing some simple and straightforward forms that we created for free using Mailchimp. This also meant the company was not investing money at this stage in CRM, which freed up their budget to spend on other things.
  • Building up a following on Facebook and educating the company on how best to deliver Facebook Ads and the right methods to Boost a Post. Learn how to do this too!
  • Increasing their domain score: We set up a guest post/pr strategy to reach out to media outlets with news worthy and catchy stories that provided the company with strong links from media publishers. Here’s how you can implement a similar strategy.


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