Ahmet Ertegun - Website Balloting System

Conceptual Design and Website Development

The Led Zeppelin tribute for Ahmet Ertegun needed an official website, CMS and online merchandise shop. Using the Digital Merchandise solution our creative technologists at our web design London agency created an extremely powerful shop where products could be updated or changed extremely easily integrating e-commerce features with a conceptual prototype design.


  • Create and develop a subsidiary website to honour the life of Ahmet Ertegun
  • Design a concept that would allow immense user profiling and sign-ups
  • Install eCommerce capabilities for the website
  • Run a viral balloting campaign to broadcast the message


  • Produced a purposeful website for a need to share, dedicated to the life of Ahmet Ertegun
  • Created a bespoke eCommerce facilities that introduced online merchandising capabilities for the event
  • Installed an online sign-up that was backed up on a self generated management system
  • A brilliantly thought of viral was initiated via emails and ad banners over the web


  • We collated a record 500,000 USA, 250,000 UK and 100,000 rest of world sign-ups.
  • The website received 1 BILLION PAGE VISITS
  • All in all, the project was very fruitful and remains to be a great success story produced by Mac Expo and of course for the fans to go an buy their desired merchandise


The Ahmet Website contains the following innovative features:

1. Online Shopping facilities
2. Range of products
3. Create your own designs
4. Recommend a friend
5. Subscribe
6. Bookmark

All you rock fans can view the website at www.ahmettribute.com and see how we can instil memories in peoples minds about the legends gone by.

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