NRGizer - Conceptual Design and Build

In the glutted market of energy drinks and with the likes of biggies such as Red Bull and Lucozade, NRGizer needed to make a mark and they beckoned our web design London agency to do so. The work involved a basic approach to create a html based website which delivered their message and created a realm of interactivity between the website and its users. Thus, our web design agency London incorporated in the website, tabs which directed people to enter competitions and win goodies to win the hearts of many and succumb to the drinks market.

The website is now a place of interactions not only between the website and user but user to user as well and has since become a platform for many a sports enthusiasts to come and discuss their sports related events and happenings.

The NRGizer Website contains the following innovative features:

1. Membership
2. About
3. Competition area
4. Gallery
5. News
6. Find us on Facebook / Twitter
7. Calender

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