Consensus Economics - Conceptual Design and Website Development

The Consensus Economics website is aimed at in the financial market promoting a subscription to a paper back publication for financial forecasts; this being done by incorporating a bespoke e-commerce website design.

The clients’ target is all over the world and therefore the design of the site has to be easy to understand and use.

Browser compatibility had to be up to the highest of standards as some developing countries would be accessing the website on old browsers. All design and text needed to appear in same format and style when viewing in IE6 and newer.

The challenge lied in how to split the several category’s and making them stand out as different entities without being “boring” which so many financial institutionalised company’s are. So we decided to simply colour code them. This worked brilliantly on the website as depending on what publication you were looking at the page was colour coordinated .

Consensus Economics also had to be very SEO friendly as they were targeting competive keywords such as “Economic forcasting” which we achieved number “2” placement on Google UK listing (from 13th). Without obtaining any addition new links we made the website jump from a Google ranking of PR5 to a PR6. This was done through ensuring the sites on page development was of a high caliber.

Spare a moment of your time and click on and see how our web design London agency aided the client in moving up the ranks on all search engines and how the same could be done for your business keeping in mind the cost factors.

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Consensus economics
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