Dunhill - Flash Banner Campaign

We have created over 100 flash banners for Dunhill – the world famous men’s designer clothing, leather goods & accessories company. Each banner has a unique shape and size which had been produced in SWF+ FLA technologies with embedded video. This campaign has been displayed in many europe and asian web portals:

We created 1 banner in the size for 4 characters
of the campaign.
Break down as follows:
Chinese language only.
1.Sina / http://news.sina.com.cn/
• Banner 950×90 swf+fla max file size <30k
• MPU 250×230 swf+fla max file size <20k
• Expandable banner: 950×90 Swf+fla expand to 950×300 Before expand <30K ;
after Expand < 150K & < 8s & transparency <75%
2.MSN Messenger (Marquee)
• Banner 234×60 swf+fla expand to 960×250 swf+fla  (insert video inside the
flash); total animation duration: 15s
maximum file size 234×60 <10K
maximum file size 960×250 <500K
3. MSN Homepage/
• Banner 728×90 swf+fla <20k
• Banner 300×250 swf+fla <20k
4. MSN Homepage (luckyday)/
• Top banner 980×90 swf+fla max <20k
• Expand to 980×360 swf+fla max size <100k total animation duration in flv <7s
or flv+fla <500k (words cannot be smaller than NO.10) total animation duration
< 15 s
• Background picture (Left & Right) 130×900 JPG*2 max size <20k
• Banner 300×250 sfw+fla max size <20k
5. Ellechina/
• Banner (Top Banner) 728×90 swf+fla  max size <50k
• Banner (Skyscraper) 350×510 swf+fla max size <50k
• Banner (Left KV) 270×350 jpg max file size <50K
• Banner (Full screen) 1000×600 swf+fla max file size <50k
• Banner (Skin) 1440×1300 jpg max file size <200k
Tuesday. 17 July 2020
Alfred Dunhill, Voice Banners 20126. GQ.COM.CN/ http://www.gq.com.cn/fashion/
• Banner (Skyscraper) 300×600 swf+fla  <50k
7. The Bund
• Banner 980×120 jpg <300k
• Banner 670×100 jpg <300k
Japanese language only.
1. Nikkei Shimbun Denshi/Billboard
• Banner 952×250 that becomes small when button is pushed to
• Banner 952×80;
flash opening max size 30k; Flash closing max size 50k; gif/jpeg  max
size 20k. Loop within 30s. Frequency: once per UB
2. The Wall Street Journal Japan/ iPhone, Android
• Banner iPhone 320×50 max size <15k
• Banner Android 472×73 max size <15k
3. Nikkei Shimbun Denshi-ban/ For Smart Phone APP
• Banner iPhone 320×50 max size <5k
• Banner Android 472×73 max size <5k

See banners in action



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