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Conceptual Design and Website Development

The Harvey Goldsmith website needed an urgent revamp. We decided to introduce a new vibrant style, feel and colour scheme creating new I-dents and fonts throughout the website. With Harvey’s office only a stone throw away we were on hand to assist in the ongoing process of planning, analysis and optimisation of the project, and the opportunities it presented. The sites aim is deliver users to areas outlined below where clients will be able to surf through the site looking for useful information and find out what’s going on at Harvey Goldsmith.com.

The Harvey Goldsmith CBE Website contains the following innovative features:

1. User login
2. History / About
3. Gigs and Artist Management
4. The Harvey Goldsmith Blog
5. News and Press Releases.
6. Recommend a friend
7. Subscribe
8. Ticketing

Objective and USP Features:

What will keep people coming back? - The latest news about the company and latest events… The latest events and gigs is available for reviews including the ability to add photos?0 and comments from the show to this website section??. After each event has finished the reviews and imagery will be added to a backlog catalogue. Reading Harvey’s Blog!

Administrator Features - Harvey Goldsmith and staff:

Administrators need to sign up for a password and be verified as a legitimate article writer.

In addition, the site will be used as a blog style platform to add personality to the website as an open style diary to update from either a work station or portable mobile devise. The content management interface is a secure area where only assigned users can add, edit and delete entries.

The main branded website and online portal was developed as a mixed website containing Flash and PHP.

The Harvey Goldsmith CBE Website contains the following innovative features:

1. User Login
- The Harvey Goldsmith website user has the ability to set up a username and password giving the facility to log in and add articles/photos to the gig entries. All signups and articles are vetted in the management system and checked before being put on the site.

2. History / About - This section contains information about Harvey Goldsmith and AMP / Ignition with links to both News and to the Harvey Goldsmith Blog.

3. Gigs and Artist Management - The Gigs and Management area is the section where users can find out what events are happening in the local area. A full listing is available of all shows in either alphabetical order with the option to search via a keyword engine. Once selected the user can read about the gig or artist and have the option to click on some external links such as venues and the official artist’s website. After drilling down on the listing the user can also find articles and pictures taken from the event. Only verified users can add articles and photos to this section.

4. The Harvey Goldsmith Blo
- This is a unique section of the website specifically for the user to personalise by adding daily comments and a commentary of what’s going on in a journal/diary style from anywhere in the world. It will also have the ability to show photos and imagery uploaded in the database. All information can be either uploaded via a workstation or portable devise.

5. News and Press Releases. - Any relevant news about upcoming Events or Harvey Goldsmith.com shows are shown here. Shortened versions of the article appear on the front page as a news feed in scrolling text style.
You can add any news story you feel relevant.

6. Recommend a friend - The recommend feature allows the site to be forwarded on to several friends at a click of a button.

7. Subscribe - Users can sign-up by submitting there email for monthly newsletter subscription.

8. Ticketing
- All tickets are purchased by clicking on a buy ticket button

10. Accessibility - Websites gain audience by being more accessible to people with bad eye sight. There will be a simple button that allows the site text to be increased and decreased. This meets with government legislation.


We have created a site to be be proud of. The Harvey Goldsmith site is easy for everyone to use, easy to administer, professional, with a blog that will encourage people to keep coming back for more.

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