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conceptual Design and Website Development

Jeff Beck is one of the greatest guitarists of all time and needed a theme designed and CMS for the layout, resulting in the guitar and amp feature. The menu options were designed to be aesthetically and visually pleasing, making the website experience enjoyable. This project enabled us to explore our musical side to the team, paying homage to a legend still at work in the music world by keeping in mind his brand and styling.


  • To give the website a much required face lift as the original design lacked appeal
  • Merge eCommerce capabilities as this was also meant to be a online shop where people could get their tickets to Jeff Beck concerts and favourite rock related merchandise
  • To build up the websites presence and increase traffic


  • Being a legendary guitarist, it required a website to match his calibre resulting in stunning visual layout incorporating guitar and amp features to browse through the website
  • As is, this was implemented keeping in mind the much needed eCommerce solution to ease the access for users to procure gig tickets and merchandise
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques were applied to give the website its required reach


  • The visual effects were outstanding due to its rock felt appeal and resulted in an award winning design aesthetic for which, we were at the receiving end of.
  • An eCommerce solution had now open new possibilities for the online merchant as he could now manage the online shop along with other aspects such as gigs and artists management, blogging and ticketing
  • Our SEO techniques were very helpful as it quadrupled the traffic and has created an influx of more than 200,000 page visits and a staggering 974,022 page views just in the last 6 months and these numbers average at about 2500 pages

The Jeff Beck Website contains the following innovative features:

1. Online Shop
2. History / About
3. Gigs and Artist Management
4. The Jeff Beck Blog
5. News and Press Releases.
6. Recommend a friend
7. Subscribe
8. Tour Information

A website any design enthusiast must take a look at. Click and we need not say any more.

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Jeff Beck
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