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She’s a loved TV nutritionist and has taken ITV’s viewer ship ratings through the roof with ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’; Gillian McKeith now looks at a new motif for her online brand and healthy living digital marketing.

To put this plan into play, McKeith Research Limited (MRL) assigned the prestigious task to our creative technologists at our web design London agency. Our pioneers would peer deeply into the overhauling of McKeith’s online campaign and also provide the website a face lift.


  • To create, develop and manage the website of the new Gillian McKeith’s brand release for 2011
  • To increase the number of members to her private interactive club
  • To make provisions for instating a bespoke eCommerce solutions
  • Increase brand awareness via SEO/social media initiatives


  • The brand and image needed a complete overhaul. And that’s exactly what we did, creating a bespoke CRM, brand style guide, website and CMS dedicated to the nutritionist’s area of expertise
  • A well integrated eCommerce solution was applied to sell products and initiate her subscription service.
  • A well architected SEO plan along with social media features such as Facebook, Twitter and Stumble upon to broadcast the message of Gillian’s new venture


  • The numbers spoke for themselves when soon after, members were doubled from 12,000 to 25,000
  • The eCommerce platform worked like a charm as it delivered Gillian McKeith’s brand the much neededattention and remarkably, doubled her turnover
  • The SEO tactics amalgamated with social media techniques further increased the traffic thus making the brand much more aware in the minds of the consumers

Gillian McKeith’s publicity factor has been on a steady rise over the last few years. She has been dearly acclaimed for her series, ‘You are what you eat’ and of late, through I’m a celebrity. Added to these personal landmarks, is Gillian McKeith’s recent book release named ‘Gillian McKeith – Women’s Health’.

Spare a moment and click on to see how we are able to provide people a whole new look while keeping in mind their personality traits.

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