Nina Naustdal - Website Design

A 120% Year-on-year increase in website conversions. Retailing of the year 2013, Nina Naustdal started off with a small boutique store on Molton street, Kensington, and has since branched out to Dubai and the USA due to her persistent offline and online marketing campaigns.

Our team of designers created a flagship website that hosted an array of mini-sites such as her own magazine which was released monthly showing off her latest fashion tips, fashion news and own industry related topics.

Every other day someone else famous is wearing her couture clothing and therefor a dedicated press section was required to drive news related topics and most importantly journalist to that area. The reason we did this was because the eCommerce website that we built for the client had to be specifically targeted and every ROI had to be calculated to ensure it was a real visit from a real potential client.

Its brand continues to go from strength to strength with heavy marketing being spent online to ensure its measured growth is upheld in this fast paced fashion industry.

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