Rights Highway - Web Development and Brading

Conceptual Design and Website Development

The brand new idea of such a unique platform for accessing stars, masters, legends & Celebrity brands required a site that will do it justice. As this was not a re-design, we started from scratch to create a sparkling bespoke website with uniqueness written all over it. From the logo to the colour scheme each and every aspect of the websitewas designed from scratch, allowing our designers to express themselves in terms of design and creativity and it still following a set structural design. A powerful CMS was created at our web design London agency to allow changing of stars by Rights Highway themselves, without the need of a skilled programmer.

The Rights Highway Website contains the following innovative features:

1. User login
2. History / About
3. Product packages
4. Individual Product Information
5. News and Press Releases
6. Recommend a friend
7. Subscribe
8. Booking / Ordering

You can view the website by clicking www.rightshighway.com to better understand the prospects your business could still tap into with our aid.

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